WOW! Using the eFarmer Tool to play Farm Town

I have found a great application to help play Farm Town called The eFarmer Tool. It’s an application developed to do all the clicking for you in Facebook games. It automates clicking when ploughing, harvesting, chopping, fishing and many more actions. I just turn on the  eFarmer Tool and hover my cursor over my and other farmer’s farms and it does all the work for me. I even use it with the big Farm Town Tools for an amazing experience. It really helps to speed things up leaving me more time to do other things and play other games! And as the web site states it saves your mouse and clicking finger! The eFarmer Tool is available for both Windows and Mac.

The tool has health benefits too it has been a great help to those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Full information can be found at the eFarmer Tool web site.

Farm Town Pictures – Patrick Star from Spongebob

Patrick Spongebob Squarepants

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Farm Town Farms – FarmTown Logo

farm town logo

As always, feel free to check out more great Farm Town pictures!

Farm Town Fish – Catching Them Fishing

If you have had your eye on Farm Town lately, you would see that the most recent addition has been the lovely feature of fishing in your lakes and ponds! These are no longer simply cosmetic pieces of your farm, although they are very nice to look at, but now you can actually harvest fish from them. The best thing about it is that after you are done doing all your plowing and planting is that you get the opportunity to go out and fish a little bit.

To find out how long it takes in between fishing trips for ponds to be able to be fished again, check the rest % when you hover your mouse over the body of water to see where it is at. It usually takes 8-24 hours for fish to grow in a river, so it can’t be a full-time profession but can be a fun hobby. Ponds are generally better for fishing. To get an idea of how fast the ponds regrow fish, click the question mark on the item in the store and it will tell you what types of fish you can find and how fast they regrow. For each fish that you catch, you will be able to be able to sell it in the marketplace depending on how valuable it is.

Check out the spoils I caught from a few minutes fishing in a lake!

Fishing in Farm town

How to Fish in Farm Town

Your first step is to pull out your fishing rod, and that is going to be inside your yellow toolbox on the dashboard.  Once you fishing pole is out, you will need to hover it over a body of water that indicates fish are living there – you will be able to tell how many are within (obviously if there are zero yet, you cannot catch any).  Next, click the area and you may catch one!  I have noticed it is better to spread my clicks over various bodies of water because it seems the percentage of fish caught is higher this way, however feel free to fish in Farm Town any way you please.

How Many Fish in Farm Town Lakes

  • River piece: 32 fish; 4 types
  • River corner: 16 fish; 4 types
  • Bridge: 32 fish; 4 types
  • Big lake with boat: 199 fish; 6 types
  • Big lake: 229 fish; 5 types
  • Small lake: 46 fish; 6 types
  • Small pond: 18 fish; 2 types
  • Big pond: 86 fish; 3 types

Remember that fish need to regenerate so after you catch all the fish in the pond, it will take some time for them to all come back.

How Much are Farm Town Fish Worth?

  • Sturgeon 80 coins
  • Catfish 70 coins
  • Carp 50 coins
  • Tench 90 coins
  • Tilapia 60 coins
  • Salmon 200 coins

Once you catch one of these fish, it will automatically go into your storage and from there you can sell multiple ones at the marketplace rather than selling them one at a time.